The stage finds Volbeat in their most natural state. In the newly released DVD trailer from their 'Live From Beyond Hell /Above Heaven' DVD, which drops on Nov. 25 overseas, the band's live fire power, essence and energy are effectively captured by multiple camera angles. The DVD boasts 28 songs that were captured while the band performed in Germany, the U.S. and their native Denmark.

There are plenty of frenetic shots of the band onstage -- the ties are a nice touch. There's lots of stage lighting, fans' hands in the air and lots and lots of riffery. It's a brief capsule of Volbeat, but certainly reminds us why Metallica personally invited the band to tour.

There's also a Scott Ian cameo, as the Anthrax guitarist knuckles down and performs onstage with Volbeat.

There is no U.S. release date determined for the DVD, so you'll have to snatch it up as an import if you have to have it sooner than later. For now, though, you'll just have to watch and re-watch this trailer to enjoy a taste of the DVD.

Watch Volbeat 'Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven' DVD Trailer