By now, you've likely seen the epic drum battle between Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Electric Mayhem drummer Animal, but there was more Grohl goodness during this week's episode of The Muppets on ABC.

Grohl's appearance on the ABC show within a show came as a musical guest during Miss Piggy's Up Late talk show. As viewers peered behind the scenes, they were able to catch Grohl rehearsing with Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem before eventually taking the stage during the telecast.

"So you guys remember how we did it in rehearsal?," asks Grohl. But Janice responds, "We like to do it different from rehearsal." A puzzled Grohl responds, "OK, well then why did we even rehearse?" Floyd Pepper offers, "Cause if we didn't rehears, then there's nothing to do it different from." Grohl ponders for a second, then knowingly nods, "You know what, actually I dig that."

As for the performance, it does appear to be an improvisation on the typical Foo rendition with what sounds like horns added in. Meanwhile, during the performance, the action cuts away to Gonzo who's had a bit of a crisis of confidence about a big jump he was going to do for the show. But eventually, he's emboldened by the song's lyrics and some encouragement from Kermit, being catapulted out of a cannon from one building to another where a giant pool of water is awaiting his arrival.

If you missed the Grohl / Animal drum battle from The Muppets airing, be sure to stick around. The credits rolling shot has been attached to the end of the "Learn to Fly" performance in the player above.

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