The self-proclaimed 'Rock and Roll Jesus' meets 'The King' during the latest episode of 'Live From the Artists Den.' Watch below to see Kid Rock's entire set from Graceland, which includes a cover performance of Elvis Presley's 'Burning Love.'

'Live from the Artists Den' featured Detroit native Kid Rock throwing down cuts from his current release 'Born Free' as well as fan faves like 'Bawitdaba.' The performance was filmed at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum and also shows Rock touring Presley's Graceland home in Memphis, Tenn.

"This is the epitome of rock and roll -- big house with a bunch of cool stuff. Cool cars, Cool just oozes awesomely cool," a awestruck Rock said of Presley's Graceland home. "You always search for inspiration as an artist and things that are different, things that are creative, things that are outside the box is what I really go far. This is way outside the box so I'm more than happy to be here."

It's only fitting that Rock would pay tribute to "The King" during his set -- he did so by capping off his song 'Rock and Roll Jesus' with a cover of the 1972 Elvis classic 'Burning Love.' Kid Rock is currently writing the follow-up to 'Born Free,' which he says will be more in the vein of his 2001 record 'Cocky.'

Watch Kid Rock 'Live from the Artists Den'