Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation shook things up with their concert at Terminal 5 in New York City on Saturday night (Sept. 10).

Hundreds of loyal fans showed up for the occasion and they were not disappointed. The show began with a theatrical introduction promoting the band's recent release ‘The Unforgiving,’ which led into the song ‘Shot in the Dark’ off of their new album.

They performed many tunes off of the new disc, which fans sang along word for word, such as ‘Faster,’ ‘In the Middle of the Night,’ their metal dance hit ‘Sinead,’ and many more.

The very vibrant frontwoman Sharon den Adel performed with such elegance not to mention her voice were out of this world. Every note was hit as her soaring vocals and mystical stage presence filled the venue. Even when Adel’s microphone blew out after she performed ‘Angels’ the rest of the band humorously kept fans attention while interacting with them.

They also performed older favorites like “Memories,’ ‘Ice Queen,’ ‘Mother Earth,’ and countless others. A heartfelt moment of the show was when the band honored the anniversary of 9/11 through a performance with their hit ‘Stand My Ground’ which Adel said was inspired by the tragic events of 10 years ago.

The band's chemistry and talent is undeniable, which is why their fans can’t just get enough of them. Within Temptation will be touring all over the world until Spring of 2012.

Fans were also treated with an amazing set by the opening band called 3 (Three), hailing from Woodstock New York. Lead vocalist and guitarist Joey Eppard was edgy yet soulful. During one song Eppard proved that scat singing has a place in hard rock as he melodically scatted for about two full minutes as part of an intro for the tune. Guitarist Billy Riker had incredible solos and riffs while bassist Daniel Grimsland performed with earsplitting force and percussionist Chris Gartmann had a thunderous drum solo.

3 are gearing up for the release of their upcoming album 'The Ghost You Gave to Me,' due out Oct. 11 via Metal Blade Records.

Watch Within Temptation Perform 'Faster' Live in New York City