What the hell kind of demented collage has been put onto this dude's body? Dragons, a warped and busted up brick wall with the Incredible Hulk, a delightful family of tigers that screams, "I don't mind if we just cuddle" … and is that the Marx Brothers?! And this is all before the Metallica mess this guy is sporting.

Firstly, James Hetfield is totally logo-bombing the huge Metallica print on this guy's back, while the frontman rocks a sweet handlebar mustache along with a "who farted?" look on his face. Lars is looking happy as ever with his caveman forehead and stoned-out-of-his-mind grin. And check out Kirk Hammett -- he's so embarrassed to be a part of this catastrophe that he's literally eating his own face!

You know what would make this back piece even more bitchin'? A giant steaming turd covered in rainbow sprinkles being attacked by a mullet-sporting Godzilla!