Hard rockers Haunted by Heroes just reached a landmark in their career by playing L.A.'s legendary Whiskey a Go-Go. After years of practice and honing their skills, the band are beginning to get mainstream recognition. Oh yeah, and the members of HxH are all 11-years-old.

MSNBC recently crafted a feature on the "world's youngest rock band," showcasing the talent that Haunted by Heroes possesses -- talent that will top the majority of local acts in any town. The San Francisco natives all met in daycare when they were three-years-old and have been friends ever since.

Although the sixth-graders have begun to experience their own success, they remain grounded in their lives as regular school kids. "School is really important and so is practice," claimed rhythm guitarist Charley Haunted. "You can't become a huge rock star without good grades." Charley offers wisdom beyond his years with that quote, having learned from a young age that you've got to keep your parents happy or they'll kick you out of the garage.

Keyboardist Brandon Haunted also offered some wise words - "Go with your dreams, no matter how old [you are]."

Haunted by Heroes have two songs available on iTunes and are planning to release their first full-length in the near future.

Watch Haunted by Heroes on MSNBC

[Via The FW]