The guitar is an amazing instrument and Rob Scallon has found many different ways to use it. The YouTube star has taken on his latest challenge, rocking out a metal song using only one fret.

Normally we find ourselves complimenting a guitarist's dexterity as they noodle up and down the fret board, but in this case, Rob delivers a raucous performance while keeping his fingers on the fourth fret throughout. As Scallon reveals, "[It was] the 4th fret and a LOT of bends."

Further elaborating on how he pulled off his latest piece, he added, "Tuning low to high: D-G-A#-D-A-D. I was thinking about tabbing this out. But only fret used is 4, and the video would probably be a better way to tell where the bends go anyway."

And for those unimpressed with Scallon's one-fret performance, he's ready to really put his fingers to the test, stating at the end of the video he plans to compose a song using every single fret on every single string for his next clip.

Scallon has become a favorite here at Loudwire, rocking songs in Morse Code, ripping through unique Metallica covers, switching to banjo for a cover of Slayer and pulling off other thoroughly entertaining instrumental videos. Keep up with Scallon's videos via his YouTube channel.