Zack Lopez, best known as the singer-guitarist for Middle Class Rut, has been spending time of late recording music on his own, and today we're bringing you a cover he's recorded -- Black Sabbath's "The Writ."

The track begins with a low, slow build before crashing through with heavy guitar licks and Lopez's commanding rock voice. With its shifts from heavy moments to low end breakdowns, the song is a study in dynamics and Lopez appears to be full invested in the cover, showing his full range.

“My friend Doug sent me the song saying he could hear me singing it. Until then I hadn't heard it, but right away I wanted to do the cover. So we booked a day at The Dock here in Sacramento. Doug flew up and played guitar, Eddie & Matt (from Burro / American Killers) handled the bass and drums, and the bass player of their band Joe recorded it. We rehearsed it one day, tracked it the next," says Lopez. "From the long bass-wah intro to the 70s acid breakdown the song had it all. Beau Burchell (Saosin) who mixed MC Rut's first record mixed it for us. it's a big sludgy journey that I think would make the dudes in Sabbath proud.” Check out the track in the player below.

In the past year, Lopez has been writing and recording his own songs and recently decided to start a PledgeMusic campaign where he's been putting out the tracks. "You'll be getting full band productions, acoustic songs, demos and maybe even some covers," says Lopez at the site, adding, "Anything I've done, and am doing, will be available here. At the end of this process we will be compiling all the music and release it on a limited run of colored 12" vinyl, CD and maybe some new format unknown to man." And speaking of new music, you can look for Zack Lopez's album Bloodlines arriving on May 27. Lopez has already released a track called "I Don't Know" that can be heard below the player for "The Writ."

Those who pre-order via the PledgeMusic site will get access passes for digital downloads of his latest tracks. A new one goes up every other Friday, totaling out to two songs a month or 24-songs for a year. Plus there are a number of specialty incentives available to those who pre-order at the PledgeMusic site. Check it out here.

Zack Lopez, "The Writ" (Black Sabbath Cover)

Zack Lopez, "I Don't Know"