10 Years are on their way back and they've just unveiled a new single called 'Miscellanea.' The band has teamed with Loudwire to exclusively bring you a new video for the song (watch above).

The group says of the track, "The new single is an ambiguous, random collection of poetry that is meant to be interpreted by the listener." As for the video, it begins with what appears to be a countdown to New Year's Eve at a live show followed by a rocking performance of the new song.

'Miscellanea' is the first taste of new music off 10 Years' upcoming 'From Birth to Burial' album, which arrives April 21. The band says of the forthcoming disc, "On this record we tried to balance the raw excitement and energy we has as a young band with the age and wisdom we gained over the past 15 years or writing, performing and touring together."

10 Years are getting ready to hit the road to start building the anticipation for the new disc. They've got dates scheduled with Otherwise, The Glorious Sons and Luminoth that can be found here. Plus, they've scheduled a very special 10 Years All Access Fan Summit in Atlanta on March 7 at the Masquerade.

"We are excited to get back out and start playing some of these new songs as they have a very live vibe to them," state the group. "We are especially excited to be doing our first ever fan summit. It's kind of like the basement shows we used to play in the old days. It feels more like a gathering of old friends getting together in celebration of what we could have never accomplished without them and their support."

For details on the tour, click here, and get your tickets for the special 10 Years All Access Fan Summit at this location. And if you like the new 10 Years track 'Miscellanea,' be sure to pick it up at iTunes.

10 Years, 'From Birth to Burial' Track Listing:

1. 'From Birth to Burial'
2. 'Selling Skeletons'
3. 'Vertigo'
4. 'Triggers and Tripwires'
5. 'Luna'
6. 'Crimson Kiss'
7. 'The River'
8. 'Ashes'
9. 'Survivors?'
10. 'Miscellanea'
11. 'Moisture Residue'

10 Years, 'From Birth to Burial'

10 Years From Birth to Burial