No matter how many times you've metaphorically smelled the glove, you'd be surprised how many facts about This Is Spinal Tap have gone under the radar. In this edition of ScreenCrush's 'You Think You Know Movies?' segment, the staff delves deep into heavy metal's greatest parody flick.

As ScreenCrush poignantly document, IMDb normally allows users to rate films on a scale from 1-10. However, This is Spinal Tap holds the honor of being the only film where fans can actually give the flick a score of 11. How's that for cult success?

Did you know that Spinal Tap first appeared on the 1979 sketch comedy pilot 'The TV Show' starring future This is Spinal Tap director / co-star Rob Reiner? The band performs a track called "Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare," which was not included on the band's Smell the Glove movie soundtrack.

Here's another fact you may not know: Runaways member Cherie Currie had a role in the film, but her scenes were left of the cutting room floor. Currie's character gave herpes to the entire Spinal Tap lineup, which is why the band members sport some nasty sores in some of the film's scenes.

You think you know This is Spinal Tap? Test your knowledge of the legendary film in the video above!

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