Emulating your musical heroes can be a blast, especially when they've developed a style of their own. Every kid who has picked up a guitar has done the Pete Townshend windmill while jamming in the basement, so we put together this Loud List of 13 Unforgettable Rock + Metal Signature Moves!

This list spans the entire lifespan of rock and metal, including perhaps the first pure rocker, Chuck Berry, and his famous duck walk. This was later adopted by legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, who would go on to do the walk in front of record-setting crowds.

Another pioneer on this list is Iggy Pop, who is widely credited with popularizing the stage dive and the crowd walk. You'll also see Ronnie James Dio's iconic devil horns, which like the stage dive, can be seen at any rock or metal show at any given night.

This list also gets into the world of extreme metal. Any fan of Suffocation will tell you tales of Frank Mullen's epic hand chop, while Cannibal Corpse vocalist George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher has hypnotized countless eyes with his insane windmill headbanging. Going even deeper, we had to include Napalm Death's Barney Greenway and his ruthless death spasms, which we've dubbed the 'Electric Chair Switch.'

Check out all 13 Signature Moves in the Loud List above!

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