The calendar just flipped to 2018 and the first new music of the year comes from A Perfect Circle. Singer Maynard James Keenan teased that something was coming for Tuesday in a tweet on New Year's Eve, but the audio of a new track called "Disillusioned" is available now for your listening pleasure.

The track, heard in the player above, opens with a slower, but steady beat and feels reminiscent of the cinematic, atmospheric vibe that A Perfect Circle crafted so well with their first couple of albums. “We have been overrun by our animal desire / Hiding something immediate / Keep us obedient and unaware / Feeding this mutation and Pavlovian despair / We’ve become … disillusioned," sings Keenan with a restrained melodic rasp.

Along with Keenan's vocal, the piano gets the most attention on this song, standing out against the squalling guitars when the full band is employed, but also marking the only instrumentation as sparse singular notes accentuate Keenan's whispery and vulnerable delivery not long after the first verse. While the track does start a bit somber, it does end on a hopeful note.

"Disillusioned" will be part of A Perfect Circle's upcoming studio album, but the track will be available for download beginning tomorrow (Jan. 2) at this location. There will also be a limited 10" single finding "Disillusioned" paired with the band's 2017 offering "The Doomed" that is expected to arrive March 9 and can be pre-ordered here. With "Disillusioned" and "The Doomed," which made our "best of" 2017 Hard Rock Songs list, leading the way, A Perfect Circle have definitely offered a strong initial statement for what's to come.

Look for A Perfect Circle back on tour in 2018, with the group hitting festivals and heading off to Europe in June and July for shows as well.

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