You can count Allegaeon among the bands who have a love for the iconic Canadian power trio Rush. The veteran rockers decided to let that love be shown through a pair of covers, with the second of those covers -- "Animate" -- now being released to the public.

The reason why the song arrives now? Because Allegaeon have a song called "1,618" and decided to actually release the track on Jan. 6, 2018. Guitarist Greg Burgess states, "When we settled on Rush to cover during the Proponent sessions, I simply couldn't pick which song to do -- 'Subdivisions' or 'Animate.' Both were favorites for me personally, and both were sort of 'under the radar' eg. not 'Tom Sawyer' or 'Spirit of the Radio.' Where the original idea was to do a cover for a Japanese bonus track, we figured if we did both we could cover a special song for both the Japan AND Europe pressing. Then the powers that be decided to just include 'Subdivisions' on the album, and keep 'Animate' in reserve for something. Jan. 6, 2018 is the only occurrence of the golden ratio in date form that will occur during our lifetime. So 1.6.18 seemed like the perfect date to release it in Allegaeon fashion."

As stated, "Animate" is the second Rush cover to come from the band, with their "Subdivisions" cover previously arriving to positive response from fans, who made it the group's most streamed track on Spotify. The original version of "Animate" was the opening track off Rush's 1994 album Counterparts.

The "Animate" cover is a solid filler to give fans something fresh as Allegaeon prepare for their next disc. The band will start recording their fifth studio album in March with producer Dave Otero. Take a listen to "Animate" in the Spotify player below, and you can download or stream the song via the platform of your choosing here.

Allegaeon, "Animate"

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