After recently revealing the cover art and track listing for their latest album, 'Fortress,' Alter Bridge have now released the disc's first single, 'Addicted to Pain.' Fans can now get a taste of the material from their fourth album, which set to be released Oct. 8.

The upbeat track features first-class riffage and a blazing solo from guitarist Mark Tremonti. It's heavy, but still melodic and accessible enough that radio stations will be more than willing to play it. Myles Kennedy has one of the most distinctive voices in rock and proves it by displaying plenty of range in 'Addicted to Pain.'

"'Fortress' is a musical snapshot of a specific period of time," says Kennedy. "We didn't allow ourselves the luxury of over-thinking and over analyzing. That is what makes this record so special to me. When I listen to these songs everything sounds fresh and unencumbered by the sound of beating arrangements into the ground."

"There is spontaneity," Kennedy continues. "We try to push ourselves musically with each record, but we opted to veer further from some of the standard approaches we'd used for writing and arranging songs in the past. That said, we still tried to maintain the Alter Bridge sound."

Alter Bridge have a U.S. show in Orlando, Fla. on Oct. 4 before they head over to Europe for more touring.