A huge snow storm hit New York City earlier in the day on Thursday (Feb. 9) and while most fans thought PlayStation Theater would be closed for the night, Alter Bridge declared the show was on and their fans packed in for a memorable gig.

Outside temperatures dropped while snow and slush lined the streets as devoted fans who trekked through the streets to get to the venue let out a collective roar when  Alter Bridge took the stage. The band began with a newer tune, “The Writing on the Wall,” and other heavier rock tracks like “Come to Life“ and “Farther Than the Sun.”

“You shoveled yourself out and made it!” said frontman Myles Kennedy, who addressed the crowd and stated that he and the band didn’t think the show would happen. Both the band and fans couldn’t be more pleased that it did.

The crowd sang along to mellower songs “Ghost of Days Gone By,” “My Champion” and an older tune “Broken Wings,” but no fans or anyone for that matter can quite match the vocals of Myles Kennedy. When his voice soars, your entire being soars with it. His vocal chops are one of the best out there today in and out of the rock genre, not to mention he can shred his guitar, too.

Speaking of riffs, onstage the musicianship of each member is shown from Mark Tremonti’s impeccable guitar  skills to the pounding bass lines of Brian Marshall and steady drum patterns from Scott Philips. The respect and friendship to each other and to their fans is also evident onstage.

Alter Bridge are touring in support of their latest album, The Last Hero, and their encore included the single “Show Me a Leader” and ended on a high note with their uplifting song “Rise Today.”

Nonpoint took command of the stage beforehand and released all of their dynamism on the crowd. It was a crushing set filled with dread-flinging action that kicked off with a one-two punch with “Pins and Needles” and “What a Day.” During “Hands Off” the crowd was told to follow the cardinal Nonpoint rule …  get your feet off the ground when the song kicked in. Of course anyone who didn’t jump was labeled as a Justin Bieber fan…according to vocalist Elias Soriano. When he wasn’t making fans laugh, Soriano and his crew cranked out new tunes “Divided…Conquer” and “My Last Dying Breath” off of their latest album, The Poison Red.

Nonpoint have been “Alive and Kicking” for 20 years and when you see them live in concert you can see why they are going strong. They ended their set with the notable “Bullet With a Name.” Nonpoint was on point and continue to be resilient. When they come to town be sure to see them and get ready to jump and sweat.

Weapons of Anew kicked off the night with a lively performance of their own. Go here to check out remaining tour dates of the tour. Also, take a look at our exclusive photo gallery above of Alter Bridge and Nonpoint rocking the house in New York City.

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