Thirty-five years into their career, Anvil are still going strong, with their latest album, 'Hope in Hell,' set to arrive May 28 via The End Records. Loudwire is proud to offer an exclusive stream of the disc during the week leading up to its release.

The Canadian speed metal band formed in 1978 and plodded along in relative obscurity until the critically acclaimed 2008 documentary 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' brought them into the mainstream eye. 'Hope in Hell' is Anvil's 15th studio album, and features the band's founding members -- frontman Steve 'Lips' Kudrow and drummer Robb 'Geza' Reiner -- along with new bassist Sal Italiano, who replaced longtime member Glenn Five last year.

'Hope in Hell' kicks off with the haunting and sludgy title track before jumping into the speed metal sounds of 'Eat Your Words.' It's nonstop classic metal from that point on, as Anvil stay true to their old-school roots throughout the disc.

Take a full listen to Anvil's 'Hope in Hell' below, and if you dig what you hear, pre-order the album in one of several packages at this location.

Listen to Anvil, 'Hope in Hell'

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