Throw up your kitsune hands, because BabyMetal just released the full version of the new song “KARATE.”

Love them or not, BabyMetal have become one of metal’s true modern phenomenons, capturing the imagination of fans with the act’s unique blend of J-Pop and heavy metal. If you loved BabyMetal’s self-titled album, chances are “KARATE” is going to get stuck deep inside your brain as you hit the replay button again and again.

“KARATE” is incredibly charming. Instrumentally, it’s also heavy as hell. The song’s main riff is way low on the sonic spectrum, chugging away in a no-nonsense djent fashion. The chorus for “KARATE” is one of the catchiest pieces BabyMetal has crafted to date. Again, for fans and maybe even some naysayers, the track is simply undeniable.

BabyMetal will release its second studio album, Metal Resistance, on April 1, which is being dubbed “Fox Day” by the Japanese genre benders. The day will also celebrate BabyMetal’s first show at the legendary Tokyo Dome, which will be packed with 55,000 BabyMetal fans on Fox Day.

“KARATE” is now available for download via iTunes. Fans will receive an instant download of the song with every pre-order of BabyMetal’s Metal Resistance.

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