Hip-hop/metal outfit Backwordz are building to the release of their new album Veracity and they're teaming up with Loudwire to premiere the new video for their single "Statism," which features a guest appearance by Escape the Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt.

Albert Gonzalez directed the video, which finds the band performing inside a graffiti-filled warehouse. Musically the song has a hard edge, with a mix of rap, screaming and melodic vocals. About midway into the track and video, Mabbitt makes his appearance with the lines, "Open your eyes / The state your in is a state of mind / Freedom disguised / The state your in is a state of mind."

Singer Eric July tells Loudwire, "We spent the first year getting a name for ourselves and doing a ton of background work for this band. Now that all of that is out the way, we aren't playing around. We gave our audience a jab with 'Utopias Don't Exist' and now we are throwing straight haymakers. As far as lyrical content, 'Statism' IS BackWordz and it sets the tone for what exactly this band stands for. Alex [James] and I are hardcore libertarians and we want to spread the message of liberty within our music, as well as speak on the dangers of The State. It seems that so many people our age have been brainwashed into supporting government expansion; today's music artists in general tend advocate for big government. We are that dissenting voice and we wanted to make it known with 'Statism.' The music video consists of us wearing the colors that represent different types of anarchy. The black and yellow being the most prominent, because we are for the most part anarcho-capitalists."

He goes on to add, "We want the state to be abolished, and we want you to know why. I think the coolest thing about us, is that Alex and I actually know what were are talking when it comes to economics and politics. This makes our lyrics far more in depth and thought provoking. We don't just talk about it during election time, or high side on the Internet to sound as if we are a lot smarter than what we are.. We actually live this."

As for Mabbitt, he says, "Very grateful I was asked to contribute to such a great song, Backwordz is a breath of fresh air to me, hope everyone enjoys the track as much as I do and LISTENS cause Eric has got some s--t to say!!!"

As stated, the band is working on their Veracity album. Look for it coming soon.



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