Good news for Behemoth fans eagerly awaiting the band’s follow-up to The Satanist! Frontman Nergal just revealed Behemoth have between 10-13 new songs crafted and predicted a new album release come fall 2018.

Behemoth reached a new level of acclaim with their self-professed masterpiece, The Satanist, in 2014. Once the 2010s fade into the past, The Satanist will likely be seen as of of the definitive metal albums of the decade. The Satanist was so successful that it allowed Behemoth’s most recent North American tour, where they played The Satanist in full, to be the band’s fastest-selling tour with fans rabid to hear the new stuff live.

Behemoth have huge expectations to live up to, but Nergal is confident with what the Polish black metallers have conjured up so far. “We’re in the middle of the writing process. We’re taking it easy, it’s not tense whatsoever,” Nergal says. “We’ve got 10 or 13 sketches of new songs. I’d say 2018, autumn.”

Nergal continues, “I know it's lots of time, but time's flying and we're super stoked about this new stuff. I like the approach with Behemoth too because when I went from [Me And That Man] to do Behemoth songs, I was super hungry, I was hungry for doing radical sounds. I really hope that it sounds different again, that it's refreshing and it's something redefining and rejuvenating in what we do with Behemoth again. But let's see, because maybe it's too early to talk about it."

Sounds good to us! While you wait for some new blasphemy from Behemoth, you can check out Nergal’s Me and That Man dark folk project, the debut album of which is available now.

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