There's still a lot of 2016 left to unspool, but it's been a pretty solid start to the year on the rock side of things. We have a few returning acts that exceeded our expectations. There are acts on this list that have raised the bar musically, while others are thinking outside of the box and delivering more ambitious albums worthy of your ears.

And whether it be some classic rock flavor, punk influence, dark synth rock or even forays into heavier metal leanings, there's a little something for everybody on this list.

So head to the top of this post and scroll through the gallery to see the Best Rock Albums of 2016 (So Far) and come back throughout the year as we'll continually update this list as deserving new releases hit the marketplace. And if you're looking for the Best Metal Albums of 2016 (So Far), check here.

20 Best Rock Albums of 2015