Motley Crue singer Vince Neil just made at least half the world smile with the announcement that he'll be starting up the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' strip club in Las Vegas. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Neil went as far as calling it "a dream come true."

Vegas and rock music were made for each other, as seen in Motley Crue's recent residency in Sin City. Vince Neil has promised that the upcoming 'Girls, Girls Girls' strip club will be Vegas' first rock 'n' roll strip club. "The music isn’t going to be boring," says Neil. "None of that house, generic strip club music. This will be full on rock 'n' roll."

This news got the wheels turning in our heads, leaving us pondering exactly what song is the ultimate stripper anthem? Luckily, we remembered that we have a website. Which of the following tracks do you feel is the No. 1 stripper anthem of all time? Cast your ballot in the poll below.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're headed to the bank to turn our life's savings into singles.