Former Black Sabbath member Bill Ward is well known as the godfather of heavy metal drumming. The man's sense of taste and intensity allowed for Black Sabbath to become the evil, atmospheric masters of metal, so it's safe to say Ward's opinion is one to be revered.

Lars Ulrich helped Metallica become the most successful metal band of all time, but the drummer is still subject to much criticism for his playing. Regardless, Ulrich is still praised by millions of fans, one of whom is Bill Ward.

"His drum creations have brought the sound of Metallica to the very edge of metal spearhead, and he's worthy of much praise," Ward recently told Rock 50. "He's inspirational and a must-listen for the students. So go ahead, students. If you are learning drums or need to learn the new techniques and stuff like that, listen to Lars, man. He's got some really good stuff that you can learn from."

After the radio show aired Metallica classics such as 'Enter Sandman,' 'Until it Sleeps' and 'Master of Puppets,' Ward gushed, "There are so many things, drum-wise, in all of those songs that are departure points, where other drummers can look at it and go, 'Well, this didn't exist before.' Then Lars created it and we can all listen to it and go, 'Wow!' We can nick some stuff, as well, you know. [Laughs] But I love the guy. I think he's just absolutely incredible."

Ward went on to give special praise to Metallica's 1991 self-titled disc (aka the Black Album), "I sighed a deep sigh of relief when I heard [Metallica's] Black Album. Everything musically had seemed to be distorted feng shui until I heard Lars and Metallica landing firmly with a statement that announced, 'This way.' It had the same effect that the the Beatles' White Album had on me. Metallica's Black Album, when I heard that and I heard Lars' playing, and I just was, like, you know, 'Wow! Something really neat's been accomplished here.'" [via Blabbermouth]

Last week, during Foo Fighters' week-long residency at the 'Late Show With David Letterman,' the band payed tribute to Black Sabbath by performing 'War Pigs' with country star Zac Brown. Check out the gripping performance here.

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