Black Veil Brides shared the stage with Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider for a joint performance of his band's anthemic classic 'I Wanna Rock.'

Few bands at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards have a following as feverishly determined as that of Black Veil Brides. The BVB Army -- as their fans are called -- had already bestowed best guitarist honors on Jinxx and Jake Pitts when they took the stage to rock their song 'The Legacy.' That song's furious drum assault served as the precursor to the performance that would bridge the generational gap at the awards show.

Dee Snider joined the band for their second of four songs, which was a cover of Twisted Sister's rebellious sing along 'I Wanna Rock.' BVB seemed right at home digging into the 80's hair metal classic -- they recently tackled Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell' on their 'Rebels' EP. That joint performance was followed by yet another one of Black Veil Bride's own -- 'Love isn't Always Fair.'

During the space between their third and final songs of the set, frontman Andy Biersack addressed all the band's naysayers with a very dismissive declaration.

"I know when we came out here half of you [thought] we were emo f--gots or whatever you think about us. To be honest with you -- we could give a f--- what you think. We are here for those in the Black Veil Brides army that are having a good time tonight. So by all means go home and blog about how f---in gay we are and tell your friends how much you didn't like it, but I guarantee you had a good f---ing time while we were playing tonight."

Black Veil Brides then closed their set with the single from the 2011 album 'Set the World on Fire' -- 'Fallen Angels.'

Watch Black Veil Brides and Dee Snider Perform Twisted Sister's 'I Wanna Rock'

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