Cover songs can be a cruel mistress, but this rendition of A Perfect Circle’s “Judith” is one of the better cuts in recent memory.

The all-star band is comprised of Breaking Benjamin bassist Aaron Bruch, Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle, Nothing More guitarist Mark Vollelunga, Vagus Nerve singer Sterling Jackson and YouTube drummer Meytal Cohen. Jackson also mixed the song, allowing the track to sound better than any quarantine cover should.

“Everyone knocked it out of the park and it was so much fun,” Coyle writes, while Cohen raves, “You guys know 'Judith' was my first EVER drum cover. When I was 24, in my bedroom, cut short when my neighbor started screaming at me to shut the f*ck up - tho in his defense I didn’t even bother closing the window shut lol. well we’ve come a long way, thank the drum lords for my 24/7 studio, and my patrons who really allowed me to take things to the next level.”

“Judith” was the first single of A Perfect Circle’s career, introducing the world to the Maynard James Keenan-fronted group in 2000. The song famously addresses Keenan’s mother, who kept her Christian faith even after suffering a stroke and spending decades lingering in a wheelchair.

Check out the killer quarantine cover in the video below.

Judith - Co-Lab Cover (Aaron Bruch, Meytal Cohen, Doc Coyle, Sterling R Jackson, Mark Vollelunga)

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