Bring Me the Horizon released their latest album, 'That's the Spirit,' in September, and it marks a big change in musical direction for the U.K. band. Gone are the screams and breakdowns of albums past, and instead the band has embraced more a more melodic sound. Yet the lyrics still center on dark themes throughout the disc.

Frontman Oli Sykes, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist/programmer Jordan Fish recently stopped by the Loudwire studio to discuss the album, and gave us insight into a few songs in particular.

The band gave us the lowdown on the leadoff track "Doomed," as well as the tunes "Happy Song" and "True Friends." Sykes tells us that a common theme throughout the album is "finding light out of the dark and the contrast between the two," and in the video above, you'll see the musicians go in-depth about the aforementioned songs.

Bring Me the Horizon's 'That's the Spirit' album is available at iTunes. Check out the band's remaining 2015 tour dates here.

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