Candlelight Red are undergoing a major lineup change. Guitarist Jeremy Edge has confirmed in a new posting that frontman Ryan Hoke has left the band.

It appears as though the parting, while not ideal, was at least amicable. Edge states that Hoke was presented the opportunity for a full time job that he could not pass up, and while the band held out hope that he might be able to reconsider, it was ultimately the right decision for the vocalist and his family to take the job.

Edge's full Facebook posting on the matter can be read below:

Hello CLR fans.
It's been awhile since we posted and I wanted to give you an update:
We took a few months hiatus from touring to regroup from October 2013 to January 2014. Around late February we began planning a tour and getting dates locked in to support another national headliner in the late spring/early summer. It was at that time, vocalist Ryan Hoke sent a letter to the band and record label saying that he was offered a great opportunity for a full time position that he felt he just could not pass up. He told us that he would be unable to tour with CLR anymore and had to wish us farewell. After patiently waiting for a few months to see if he may reconsider, it is now clear that he will not continue, and feels that he has made the right decision for himself and his family. Of course we wish him all the best and thank him for his contributions to CLR.
I wish with all my being for the band to continue, but it will take much evaluation to see if, and when we can move forward. I am hopeful and optimistic that we can continue and I am willing and able to do so. I intend to move forward playing music and hope to see many of you from the stage soon.
We will keep you posted, and hope to have another update for you very soon. Your ongoing support has, and continues to mean the world to us.
Thank you all so very much.

Candlelight Red enjoyed a promising start with a pair of studio albums -- 'Wreckage' and 'Reclamation' -- with the 'Demons' EP dropping in between the two discs. Both 'Demons' and 'Reclamation' were produced by Sevendust's Morgan Rose. The group started to break through at radio with the songs 'Closer,' 'Demons,' 'Feel the Same' and their cover of Roxette's 'She's Got the Look.' Stay tuned to see how the Candlelight Red members proceed with their future.