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Johnny Thunders - Found in Pretzel State
New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders passed away on April 23, 1991. Though many rumors surrounded Thunders' death, it was ruled that he died of drug-related causes. Thunders had been staying at the St. Peter House in New Orleans and by the time he was discovered, rigor mortis had set in.
Stiv Bators - Hit by Taxi
Veteran New York punk rocker Stiv Bators met his end on June 3, 1990 when he struck by a taxi while crossing the street in Paris. Bators, best known for his stint playing with Dead Boys, was reportedly taken to a Paris hospital after the incident but left before receiving any treatment. The rocker c…
Sid Vicious – Overdose by Mother?
Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was to stand trial for murdering his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, but never lived to see the trial. After being released on bail from jail in 1979, a small gathering attended a party to celebrate at his New York apartment. The rocker's mother, a registered drug addict h…
Avaejee - Murdered By Satanist?
In the most recent of these strange deaths, Samong "Avaejee" Traisattha, vocalist for the black metal band Surrender of Divinity, was stabbed to death in his home on Jan. 8, 2014. The Thai musician was discovered by his wife, who had just put the couple's child to bed.

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