Rejoice, boys and girls! We've got the exclusive album stream for Cattle Decapitation's seventh studio album, The Anthropocene Extinction, in the player below.

Like Cattle Decap's previous works, The Anthropocene Extinction deals with the devastating effects mankind has brought to the environment. Nobody can explain the record better than frontman Travis Ryan, so here's a breakdown of the full record by the man himself:

Manufactured Extinct: This was one of the later songs we wrote. It came later because we hadn't really had a good beginning of a song that screamed "first track" to us. So, we tend to write the first and last song as if that's where they'd be placed on the album. Album flow is a vastly overlooked part of making a record and something we've focused on with the last couple. This is one of a few tracks on the album that sort of sum up what you see going on in the cover image.

The Prophets of Loss: This one is a ripper! Probably my favorite song that we've done, ever. I just love it. Super blackened, has some more traditional grind elements in it which is not something we've ever really done much of. Lyrically, the "prophets of loss" could be us (the band), could be the Laysan albatrosses on Midway Island in the Pacific, could be the individual humans on planet earth... that's for you to decide. Features a cool guest appearance by Philip H. Anselmo of Pantera / Down / Superjoint Ritual fame. He does some more spoken type stuff similar to the "we're taking over this town" part on Cowboys From Hell and also does a few layered vocals at the end. The title is also a dumb play on the words "profit/loss". I don't know, I just like throwing s--t like that in there. It was also the #2 working title of the album for a few months but got nixed.

Plagueborne: I believe this was the first song we wrote for the album if memory serves correct. Its also the one we started playing live since last October or so. Starts out with a cool guest appearance by our friend Tristan Shone who is the one-man-band of absolute doom destruction, and Housecore Records recording artist, Author & Punisher. Been wanting to work with him for a while and we're pleased with how his part came out. Lyrically, its about the fact that every one of us, no matter how much we try to be good to one another or how happy we are with life, we're still a plague... cancer... on this planet. Just by being human and being alive. Nobody is exempt.

Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot): This is one of the more "gorier" songs on the record. Its sort of this record's "Forced Gender Reassignment". Only this time, we've taken the scientists, engineers and workers at a cosmetics testing facility and shooting em up with Krokodil. Missing the choice spots on purpose of course, resulting in heinous, gangrenous lesions and the eating away of flesh and muscle to the bone. A hammer to the face of human vanity.

Circo Inhumanitas: I hate circuses. If you take your child to a circus, you've either been misinformed or are just an a--hole. F--- the circus. F--- all circuses in every part of the globe. Wild animals are not here for your entertainment. Stop teaching your children that its ok to be a piece of s--t. This song basically condemns the circus and was almost called "Circus Vergas" which is a stupid play on words (Circus Vargas, har har har) that I couldn't actually live with no matter how much it made me giggle. "Vergas" is "dicks" in Spanish. Our drummer is from Chile and worked near the border of Mexico at the time so he knew right away what it meant and kinda forbid me from making that the title. I thought it was hilarious but then again, its a serious topic so it wouldn't be right to throw that amount of tongue-in-cheek-ness on something like that.

The Burden of Seven Billion: This was the actual working title #1 I had in my head for a couple years up until we really started talking about what to call this thing. Dave didn't like it as an album title and I didn't really feel it had enough of a ring to it too. But I knew I wanted to use it for something and so when Derek approached me about doing an intro for "Mammals in Babylon," I knew this would be a great title for it since "Mammals in Babylon" deals with overpopulation.

Mammals in Babylon: This one had a nice ring to it and had been a track that was kicking around in my song titles file for a few years. Its essentially about overpopulation and since I grew up Catholic (until 8th grade), it has some biblical references to it. That age old story of all the races and languages originating in one place and scattering from Babylon... or something like that. I'm still trying to suppress those s--tty memories of nuns and the worst thing ever - the stations of the cross. Those pieces of s--t made us kneel for hours and hours monotonously moaning Hail Marys and other prayers. Don't ever send your kid to Catholic school unless you're ready for them to end up like me.

Mutual Assured Destruction: This is a later song we wrote, very near the end of the writing process. It's not about nuclear war, but I took that cold war era phrase as the title because I think it aptly described how we are as a species. Apparently totally ok with doing ourselves in. Makes no sense and we're all guilty at some point, in some way. We will most likely do ourselves in.

Not Suitable for Life: I can't remember what it was, I think it was just a bad day or something... I had just gotten done looking at Facebook, I remember slamming my laptop shut... I was alone, my wife was at work and I clearly remember yelling out something - and I'm NOT one to talk to myself. Probably something to the effect of "jesus f---ing christ!!!" or something like that. Anyways, I was just sick and tired of my damned newsfeed and the fact that this stupid f---ing blue and white website sucks me in the way it does a lot of us: cops killing people, animal cruelty, people and their stupid f---ing opinions, rape, more cops killing and tazing people, more animal cruelty... I just got sick and tired of it and I wrote the lyrics to this one straight from the hip in about 25 minutes. I was just super pissed and sick of everything. This is actually one of my favorite tracks on the album and one of my favorite tracks we've ever done.

Apex Blasphemy: A long time ago, I was on some thread on some page somewhere arguing about whether or not people should eat animals and animal cruelty... This total redneck comes on there and tries shooting down the argument with the statement "I didn't climb my way up the food chain to eat carrots"... My response was, "No, you climbed your way up to eat who knows what from who knows where. Unless you live in an area that's remote enough to where you have to kill to survive, then the odds are you probably eat fast food, you probably eat processed s--t just like anyone else". He didn't exactly have a comeback for that one. That's the thing... its not the simple act of eating an animal, its the horrendous conditions they endure before arriving on your plate. Its the meat INDUSTRY, moreover, the American meat industry, that's the problem. And... you guessed it... overpopulation. Sustainability doesn't exist if everyone's s--tting out kids everywhere, creating highly concentrated areas of people and their individual needs and most important to them all, the desire for convenience. Unless you're living off the land, you can't really use that argument because you're most likely living in a way that nature never intended you to.

Ave Exitium: "Hail destruction." An intro for Pacific Grim where I get all emo and s--t.

Pacific Grim: When I first heard it after the guys told me to come in and check it out, I knew this had to be the last track and that's what a couple of us were thinking. The end is just so damn epic, I loved it, and I knew that was the spot for some good clean-ish type stuff. I wanted the lyrics to sort of sum up the theme of the record in a nutshell, or at least the parts that helped create the themes of this record: The North Pacific Gyre, the bird carcasses of Midway Island, the Fukushima disaster, the dolphin culling in Taiji, Japan, ocean trawling and the destruction of ecosystems for greedy fisheries that are destroying our waters... all taking place in the ocean that I have grown up next to and played around in all 40 years of my existence. Dave and I also had the idea of this could be what we could finally call our music, ha! Since people unfairly call us death metal or grindcore or more aptly titled "deathgrind", I have seen us go in a direction that nobody really knows what to call it. There's a meme of this kid hovering over his keyboard and it says something about us not being deathcore or death metal but instead are "post apocalyptic blackened progressive deathgrind" or some dumb s--t like that. I've just always called it "extreme music" and of course if we're talking to someone's mom or a waitress at 3am after a show, we just go for the "we're death metal" moniker simply to cut to the chase. So, f--- it... the stuff is slightly dark, has some black-ish elements to it and we live in California so there you go, we're Pacific Grim. Its also another play on words like I like to do from the term "pacific rim". And of course we'll be doing a pacific rim tour at some point and I have a great idea for the tour name: The Pacific Grim Job. Har har har.

Listen to the full album below! To pre-order the album ahead of its Aug. 7 release, click here. We're also revealing that Cattle Decapitation will embark on a 2015 North American headlining tour with King Parrot, Black Crown Initiate and Dark Sermon. Check out the first batch of dates below, with more to be announced soon.

Cattle Decapitation, 'The Anthropocene Extinction' - Exclusive Album Stream

Cattle Decapitation 2015 North American Tour:


9/15 - Boardwalk - Sacramento, Calif.
9/16 - Analog - Portland, Ore.
9/17 - El Corazon - Seattle, Wash.
9/18 - Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, British Columbia
9/19 - Level - Kelowna, British Columbia
9/20 - Nite Owl - Calgary, Alberta
9/21 - Starlite - Edmonton, Alberta
9/22 - Exchange - Regina, Saskatchewan
9/23 - The Zoo - Winnipeg, Manitoba
9/24 - Q & Z Center - Ringle, Wis.
9/25 - Reggie's - Chicago, Ill.
9/26 - Mac's - Lansing, Mich.
9/27 - Hard Luck - Toronto, Ontario
9/28 - Mavericks - Ottawa, Ontario
9/29 - L'Anti - Quebec City, Quebec
10/01 - Club Metronome - Burlington, Vt.
10/07 - Masquerade - Atlanta, Ga.

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