We've teamed up with Cavalera Conspiracy yet again for an exclusive song premiere. From the band's upcoming album, 'Pandemonium,' here's the world premiere of the disc's opening track, 'Babylonian Pandemonium.'

Back in August, we hosted the new CC cut 'Bonzai Kamikaze,' which is inspired by Japanese kamikaze pilots. The song got a red-hot reception, so why not give fans another new cut to sink their teeth into? Plus, if you dug 'Bonzai Kamikaze,' chances are you'll flip out over 'Babylonian Pandemonium.'

Beginning with an epic, ancient-sounding intro, the Cavalera brothers blast into an atmospheric mix of extreme metal and thrash. Max Cavalera's vocal track almost has a Napalm Death quality to it, only distorted and a bit far back in the mix. The concoction works really well -- just don't smash your face through the computer screen once 'Babylonian Pandemonium' kicks into high gear.

"I made my brother sweat," Max recently told us about the 'Pandemonium' recording sessions. "It’s like trying to make him play fast like he’s 15-years-old. I don’t care if you’re 43, I don’t give a s—. You’re gonna play fast the whole time and every time he was in a groove, I’d say, “F— the groove. Get out of the groove and go back to fast.”

Check out Cavalera Conspiracy's 'Babylonian Pandemonium' in the player below! Also, be sure to pick up the 'Pandemonium' album once it drops on Nov. 4. To pre-order the disc, click here.

Cavalera Conspiracy, 'Babylonian Pandemonium'