It’s not even December and we already can’t wait for 2019 to kick off with new releases. Children of Bodom are the latest act to announce a new record, setting a March 8 street date for Hexed.

Hexed will be Bodom’s 10th studio album, following up their 2015 full-length, I Worship Chaos. The 2019 record will likely feature frontman Alexi Laiho as the principal songwriter, as Roope Latvala exited the band in 2015. Bodom’s newest release will be their third via Nuclear Blast.

Children of Bodom haven’t revealed too many details on what fans can expect from Hexed, but the Finnish band have implored fans to keep their eyes and ears open, teasing the release of the album’s first single sometime soon.

Pre-orders for Hexed will begin Friday, Dec. 7. Check out the full track listing below.

Children of Bodom, Hexed Track Listing:

1. The Road
2. Under Grass and Clover
3. Glass Houses
4. Hecate’s Nightmare
5. Kick in the Spleen
6. Platitudes and Barren Words
7. Hexed
8. Relapse (The Nature of My Crime)
9. Say Never Look Back
10. Soon Departed
11. Knuckleduster
12. I Worship Chaos (live)
13. Morrigan (live)
14. Knuckleduster (remix)

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