Welcome back Circle of Dust! The industrial rock outfit who reached their heights in the '90s are back on the music scene and are undergoing a re-release campaign before releasing a new studio album. Today, we've got some new music from Circle of Dust to share in the form of a track called "Contagion."

As you can hear in the player above, the song features a mixture of aggressive guitar and electronic music to provide an industrial sound that leader Klayton went on to cultivate even further with his post-Circle of Dust project Celldweller. Now the sole member of Circle of Dust, Klayton obtained the rights to the band's catalog and will be re-releasing remastered versions of all five previously released discs complete with bonus material and new tracks.

A new disc in the re-release campaign will arrive every eight weeks leading up to the Circle of Dust's new studio album in December. The first of the re-releases, Circle of Dust's self-titled album, will be released on March 4. The self-titled set has been meticulously remastered with modern sonic precision. On top of the original album, nearly an hour's worth of bonus material has been tacked on, including a rare acoustic version of "Onenemy," raw 4-track cassette demos and a series of unreleased songs, demos and b-sides titled "Dust." You'll also find a Blue Stahli remix of "Nothing Sacred" and a bonus single "Neophyte" from the upcoming studio album.

So get a listen to the song "Contagion" in the player above and circle March 4 on your calendar for the re-release of Circle of Dust's self-titled debut, which is available for pre-order at Google Play and the FIXT webstore.

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