YES!!! Converge have just unleashed new material for the first time in five years! The hardcore legends just put out a two-song release via Bandcamp along with a new music video for “I Can Tell You About Pain.”

It’s been too damn long since Converge unveiled the masterful All We Love We Leave Behind in 2012. The four-piece extreme act’s fan base has been thirsty for more music ever since, and today, they finally get their wish. Though it’s not a full album by any means, Converge’s new 7” offers two crushing new songs — “I Can Tell You About Pain” and the seven-minute “Eve.”

“I Can Tell You About Pain” is classic Converge — fierce, relentless and distressing. The music video for Converge’s new cut is just as unsettling, showing a man losing a grip on reality in the comfort of his own home. Converge are always looking to push the limits on artistry, so fans hoping for something thought-provoking will certainly be pleased.

“Eve” is a more experimental piece of Converge’s catalogue. Focusing on doom and drone characteristics, Converge stretch out the expansive track in a way that feels truly inspired. Kurt Ballou’s production is top-notch, as always, building a colossal wall of sound for “Eve” that remains dense even in its softest moments.

Check out Converge’s new video for “I Can Tell You About Pain,” courtesy of NPR, in the clip above. Converge’s new 7” is now available to buy via Bandcamp.

Converge, I Can Tell You About Pain 7" Cover Art


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