Corey Taylor had a frightening moment last night (June 29) at the end of Slipknot’s show in Georgia. After the final song of Slipknot’s gig, vocalist Corey Taylor took a hard fall onstage (video above) and had to be carried off by the band’s crew.

If you’ve ever seen Slipknot live, you know how consistently grueling the performances are. 90 minutes of metal mixed with hot jumpsuits, masks and onstage flamethrowers don’t make for the most comfortable atmosphere for the Nine, but they give it all they’ve got every single night. Still recovering from spinal cord surgery, Corey Taylor has been wearing a neck brace onstage and has been advised by doctors not to headbang or jump around on Slipknot’s current tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men.

The 95-degree Atlanta heat must have been brutal to perform through last night, but Corey made it all the way through Slipknot’s final song, “Spit it Out,” before he took the spill, as he apparently tried to jump on a riser to take his final bow and slipped. As the video shows, Taylor was shaken up pretty badly as the band’s crew helped him up.

A fan told Blabbermouth, "I was front row and after the final song, after the usual thanking and waving to the crowd, Corey Taylor collapsed on stage and had to be carried off by the stage crew. As I was leaving, EMTs were rushing backstage. Throughout the show he was clearly in pain from his neck but still clearly gave it all he could. The neck pain/previous injury plus the 95º Atlanta heat and his fully-covering outfit=a downed frontman. He was shaking and looked to not be in a good way as they pulled him off." Another fan mentioned the fall in a tweet:

Thankfully, Corey reassured fans he was okay via Twitter:

Back in 2012, an incident took place in Dallas where Corey Taylor fainted at the conclusion of Slipknot's performance. Slipknot still have more than a month of North American gigs on this current tour. For the full list of shows, click here.

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