Courtney Love has apparently approved a forthcoming book about Kurt Cobain written by her former Hole bandmate Eric Erlandson, on the condition he leaves out details of the relationship between himself and Love.

Love isn't usually the one to give her blessing to any new project involving her late husband Kurt Cobain, but she has given the thumbs up to a new book about the Nirvana frontman written by Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. 'Letters to Kurt'  will hit book stores on April 8 -- three days after the 18th anniversary of Cobain's death -- and will be comprised of poetry, "reflections on rock n' roll, drug abuse and the loss of Cobain."

Where Love would usually come out in the press and bash the upcoming literary venture, she surprised everyone by giving it her approval. "I wish him well. Even more than Dave [Grohl] and [Krist] Novoselic, Eric was family," Love told the New York Daily News. "I just hope he didn't write that we dated. We had sex, yes, but I don't date."

After 'Letters to Kurt' is published, Love may take issue with the book, as some details of their relationship may have been mentioned. "Up until September of last year, October, she was asking me to play with her. But I felt like there was no transformation in our relationship at all. So that kind of worked its way into the book," reveals Erlandson. "I never mentioned to her that I had written the book, and I'm sure she's heard of it now."

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