Courtney Love's "Girl With the Most Cake" biography has been in the works for quite a while and the project has hit another snag. According to TMZ, biographer Anthony Bozza is suing love, claiming breach of contract and that Love failed to pay him what he's owed.

Last fall, Love stated that the book had turned into a nightmare project. "I never wanted to write a book in my entire life. It just sort of happened and I have a co-writer, but it's just not working," stated Love at the time. The book was initially expected to arrive in December 2013, but has gone way past the deadline.

Bozza claims that he got paid $100,000 for his work, but that their deal called for him to get an additional $200,000. In addition, he states that he incurred $10,000 in expenses and was not reimbursed for the money he put in. He also stated that Love would disappear for months at a time, leaving him to deliver the manuscript late.

While the biographer says he was never officially fire, he states that Love texted him to let him know she was "fixing" the book and that she'd hire another writer to rework his version.

Bozza filed the suit Friday in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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