Crobot have emerged as one of 2014's breakout bands and things are sure to take off even more once their 'Something Supernatural' full-length album arrives on Oct. 28. The band is teaming with Loudwire to give you a first look at the cover art for the disc in the video above.

The cover art was created by the band's guitarist/vocalist Chris Bishop, who is a talented visual artist, as well. Bishop tells Loudwire, "All the art was made on 22x30 paper with pen and ink and watercolor. I used a lot of inspiration from Alphonse Mucha for the look of the album ... and the devil."

Be sure to check out the intricate detail that Bishop put into the creation of the album art by watching the clip above, and see the full hi-rez version of the cover art in the image below.

Crobot have enjoyed a huge summer thanks to the success of their single 'Nowhere to Hide.' And you can look for more of where that came from when 'Something Supernatural arrives on Oct. 28 via Wind-Up Records. Pre-order information will be announced shortly.

In the interim, you can look for Crobot building their audience as they continue to travel across the country. The band has dates in both the U.S. and the U.K. booked into November. See their current itinerary here.

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