Welcome back, Daniel Lioneye! It's been eight years since the band's sophomore set, but they'll be returning on Aug. 19 with their aptly titled Vol. III album and they're teaming up with Loudwire to bring you a new video. Get an exclusive look at the "Aetherside" clip above.

For those unfamiliar, Daniel Lioneye features guitarist Linde Lindstrom, bassist Mige and keyboardist Burton from HIM and drummer Sepi. The video, directed by Matti Penttila, centers on a man in a pig mask and his fellow masked friend who throw a rather dark outdoor party at night filled with fellow masked creatures. This all plays out over the song "Aetherside," which is a heavy, distortion filled rocker.

Mige tells us, "To prove his controversial aetherspermia thesis once and for all, Dr. Daniel Lioneye and his imaginery crew of tulpas attempted to reach out to the far side of quantum universe, and contact the unspeakable beings who occupy those dark, hallucinatory voids. The ritual succeeded beyond all expectations. Answering Dr. Lioneye's hypnotic call, a messianic alien being travelled across vast oceans of realities/possibilities, and penetrated the one we dwell in. The psychic explosion of his coming is now reverbating within the collective unconscious of our species, signaling the beginning of the age of aquarius. This is the testimony of those events."

If you like what you see and hear, check out Daniel Lioneye's Vol. III, available to pre-order via Amazon and the Omega Order.

Daniel Lioneye

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