Stop. Stop right there. Do not let that groan escape from your gullet. We know Chris Daughtry has become more of a pop star than rock star, but the singer has actually issued a pretty raucous song in the form of his band Daughtry's new song 'Renegade.'

The stadium-ready anthem, which is the first single off Daughtry's upcoming album (due Nov. 21), is complete with a few throaty roars (who knew he had it in him?) and some twangy, jacked up riffage. The singer never fully pledges allegiance to pop over rock and he lets 'er rip with 'Renegade.'

With 'Renegade,' Daughtry have applied to (and been accepted to) the Nickelback School of Rock, where big riffs and super memorable choruses collide and are packed into the space of three minutes.

There's a bit of distortion on the frontman's voice, which laces the song with even more edge. He sings, 'Baby get ready to rock' and we're ready to strap ourselves in and ride sidecar with him on his rock journey.

The guy can sing and his voice twists around the chunky guitar work. He compares rocking to hitting the road, asking, "Can you hear the sound of the turning wheels?" Being "rawk" means being a rebel, being a renegade and ready to rock on a moment's notice.

While it is a blazing song by Daughtry standards, it's also polished to perfection, which is to be expected. It still gets the blood coursing through your veins and you can't deny that it'll have to bobbing your head. Admit it. We won't tell anyone.

Listen to Daughtry, 'Renegade'