Philm / ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo is our latest guest to play 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' In this episode of our signature series, Lombardo goes into his early years playing music, the formation of Slayer, the current projects he's working on and much more.

We begin at just 2 years of age with Dave Lombardo and his exodus from Cuba. Lombardo goes into detail that can't be found on Wikipedia, talking about how his parents were protecting his brothers from becoming teenage soldiers for the Castro regime. Before Lombardo's age reached the double digits, he had already staged his first performance, which he talks about in this episode.

Lombardo goes deep into the early stages of Slayer, specifically how he met guitarist Kerry King and how he created the iconic Slayer logo. He also clears up a falsehood found throughout Wikipedia about fellow drumming phenom Gene Hoglan being fired after serving as a roadie for Slayer in the '80s.

There's plenty more of Dave Lombardo's life to dive into, so check it out for yourself in this edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?'.

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