With his multiplatinum band Disturbed on hiatus, singer David Draiman is making the most his time with a number of projects. In addition to fronting the new industrial-leaning group Device, he also recently lent his knob-twiddling skills to Trivium's upcoming album.

We recently spoke with Draiman about a number of topics, and he was particularly enthusiastic about his work producing the new Trivium disc, calling it a "defining moment" in the Florida metal act's career. Below is the exchange we had with Draiman specifically regarding his work Trivium:

You recently finished producing the new Trivium album. How did that come together?

We were talking about doing it for years. The first time it really came up definitively was when Trivium was supporting Disturbed on an Australian run -- this was after the ‘In Waves’ record had been out already and I thought they had taken some pretty huge strides with that record, melodically and in terms of the strength of their songs. It was then that I had some conversations with them like, “You know it would be a good idea for us to work together because I think you guys have opened the door to something and you have incredible capabilities and I’d like to help you.”

We had more and more conversations over the course of time and they came through Austin, Texas, one time while they were on tour and I played them some songs from the Device record and we talked a little more about really figuring out how to set this in stone and put a time together and we did. They started sending me material and I started sending them comments on the material and we started communicating in a pre-production sort of fashion, online at first, then over the phone and then in at the end of the second week of January they came out to my house here in Austin.

It was basically two weeks of intense pre-production 11AM to 11PM, six days a week, then about a month or so of tracking. Once we had finalized everything, we executed it rather quickly but there was a lot of work and prep involved. These guys learned a lot and grew a lot and has made a record that is going to be a defining moment in their career.

Is there a guest appearance by you on vocals by any chance?

No, this was all about Trivium. All I did was help them as a producer. It was not doing a guest appearance on this particular union, even though they did ask. I really felt like this should be something that is just theirs and I’m very very proud of them. I think they have grown tremendously and learned so much and they’re so goddamn good, just as players, as musicians – tracking them was easy, we didn’t have to edit. They were so tight, it didn’t require much, they made it very easy to work together with them.

Check back with Loudwire in the very near future for Draiman's insight on Device, Disturbed and much more. In the meantime you can also read about Trivium frontman Matt Heafy's thoughts on working with Draiman at this location.

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