Yeehaw! Last year, DevilDriver ended the longest studio drought of their career (three years) with the groove-hungry Trust No One. It looks like fans won't have to wait nearly as long for another slab from the metal veterans and it will arrive in the form of an outlaw country covers album!

The news broke in an issue of Guitar World where the article was then uploaded to frontman Dez Fafara's Instagram page (seen below). The singer described the tracks as "insanely heavy," indicating these covers will likely be full-on metal renditions of country staples. Featuring "over 15 high caliber guests from every genre, metal to country," Fafara also expressed the excitement of just having been sent a guest solo track from Lamb of God's Mark Morton.

"I think the point is to keep the memorable melodies and lyrics intact while providing and alternate and heavier music bed. It's easy to get carried away in one of our own riffs, so we've been sure to keep refocusing on the essence of the original material," guitarist Neal Tiemann told Guitar World.

Contained within this album will be cuts from icons like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, George Jones and Johnny Paycheck, Hank Williams III, Hank Williams Jr. Steve Earle and more. "So just to be f--king clear, it's never been done. We are the first! We have been working on this for a year! Get ready, you've never heard anything like this,' the DevilDriver frontman added.

Fafara will also be performing in Nashville, Tenn. on March 28, singing at Johnny Cash's Cabin with John Carter Cash, son of Johnny Cash.

There's been a rise in the popularity of country music within the metal community in recent years. While fans may cry foul, there's no denying the dark moods crafted by some of the genre's most defining artists, which certainly has a carryover with the aesthetics of heavy metal.

Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop just released the country-tinged The Long Road Home solo album and has been rolling out videos for the tracks on the disc. Korn's Jonathan Davis has been working on a tribute to the Bakersfield style of country, even getting in the studio with Big and Rich to pay homage to the regional sound. Ministry's Al Jourgensen has proudly touted his Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters project and even former Morbid Angel bassist / vocalist David Vincent has given his cowboy hat a purpose with the country original "Buyer Beware."

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