Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our very first Extreme Metal Olympics so successful. After nearly three weeks and hundreds of thousands of votes being cast throughout, Japanese experimental metal band Dir En Grey defeated the legendary Death to capture the gold medal.

Beginning the competition in Group 4, Dir En Grey were the only band representing Japan in the Extreme Metal Olympics, and were definite underdogs since the very beginning. Dir En Grey came extremely close to losing against their first opponents, Belphegor, after a battle where the lead was constantly going back and forth. Dir En Grey's fans carried the band to their first victory, and led the way as their beloved band began to destroy all oncoming targets.

Dir En Grey went on to defeat Opeth, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom and finally Death in a series of stunning upsets, claiming the gold medal after their fan-fueled barrage had come to a conclusion.

Congratulations to Dir En Grey and their cult-like fan base on bringing the gold to Japan in the Extreme Metal Olympics.

Dir En Grey, 'Different Sense'

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