Disturbed have been as vocal in their support of police officers as any rock act in recent weeks, speaking after the deaths of police officers by a sniper in Dallas, sharing a police video soundtracked by "The Sound of Silence" made by the North Richland Hills Police Department in Texas and now they've met up with police officers in Mansfield, Mass. who wanted to show their respect to the band for their support.

Two officers from the Mansfield Police Department met with members of the band prior to the show and offered hats, patches and gifts as well as kind words to the band. Both officers shared how the band's cover of "The Sound of Silence" has made an impact on them and the members of the department, while singer David Draiman responds, "It's a crying shame what has happened in this country. You guys give everything for us, so it's the least we could do."

The impact of the moment with the officers didn't stop there, as Draiman spoke of his meeting during the band's show in Mansfield, making sure that his words resonated with the audience. "Earlier today we were honored with some gifts from the Mansfield Police Department here. Our boys in blue put their lives on the line for us every single day. We shouldn't forget that. Every single life on the face of this f--king earth matters. Do you understand me," asked Draiman.

He went on to add, "Hashtags do not determine your f--king fate, people. You understand me? There's too many people in this country, f--k it, there's too many people in this world who are pitting us against each other and I'm sick and f--king tired of seeing it. Just look at you, look at you here tonight -- all walks of life, all colors of skin, everyone is welcome here. If we stop being so f--king divisive in this environment, if we stop worrying about what f--king hashtag we have to follow in these times, if we only spread a little bit more love, care and understanding for each other, maybe we wouldn't be in this f--king mess in the first place."

Disturbed have spent a majority of 2016 on the road and still have many more dates remaining. Check out their tour schedule here.

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