This is the beginning of a very productive time for the hard rock supergroup known as Down. The band is in the process of releasing four EPs, with the first one, dubbed 'Down IV Part 1, The Purple EP' arriving Sept. 18. The disc is definitely a solid opener to their overall project and Loudwire is proud to team with Down to offer you a prize pack centered on the first EP release.

Just by entering your email below, you could end up with a prize pack that includes an autographed copy of 'Down IV Part 1, The Purple EP,' plus a Down poster, five Down EP guitar picks, and two Down EP Soda Koozies.

The prize pack is just the latest fan-friendly thing from Down. Singer Phil Anselmo says the whole reason of offering four EPs rather than a full album is to get music to the fans faster. He recently stated, "It's obviously easier to knock out six songs rather than 12 songs. Me personally, I hate doing full-length records 'cause it drains the f--- out of you. And [an EP] leaves way less chance for songs that you'd consider filler songs to get through. I think it's the healthiest way for Down to continue to get music out on a reasonable schedule."

Guitarist Pepper Keenan also stated that by breaking things down into EPs, it allows for more creative freedom as the band has a variety of song styles and the EP format allows them to spread it out.

The disc is already off to a great start thanks to the single, 'Witchtripper.' In fact, the group recently entered the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame after besting five straight competitors.

Be sure to check out the 'Down IV Part 1, The Purple EP,' which is available to order here. And enter your info in the box below for the opportunity to win the Down Prize Pack.