Downpour, the new band featuring Brian Fair (Shadows Fall, vocals), Derek Kerswill (ex-Unearth, drums), Matt LeBreton (guitar) and Pete Gelles (bass), have announced that they're eponymous debut will arrive on Sept. 7 and have launched a new track, "Truth in Suffering," which can be heard above.

"When I was first approached by Derek about getting involved with the Downpour, Shadows Fall was starting to come to an end and I wasn't sure I was ready to start working with another band," said Fair. "When he sent me the instrumental versions of the songs, I knew immediately that I had to get in," he exclaimed, adding, "The combination of musicianship, unique songwriting style, and a groove that can't be fucked with just absolutely blew my mind."

"This was not only music I had always wanted to hear - it was music that I thought would allow me to push myself as a vocalist and try totally new things," the singer went on. "I tracked some lo-fi, home studio demos and sent them off to the boys, having no idea if they would be feeling what I was laying down but I know I was! Luckily, they got my vision and encouraged me to push it even further."

Speaking about the direction of the album, Fair offered, "We wanted to make a unique metal record that represented our varied influences, unrestrained by sub-genre or any other restrictions. The vocal lines and lyrics seemed to flow effortlessly. The riffs and grooves really inspired me to find some deep and personal subject matter that I had yet to explore lyrically. Before I knew it, we had enough material for the record and we hadn't even all jammed in the same room yet!"

Fans looking to pre-order the album can do so at PledgeMusic. There's a variety of pledge package options, one of which includes a nickel bag of a lock of Brian Fair's dreadlocks which will be chopped off in chunks for the first time since 1995.

Downpour, Downpour Album Art


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