Dragonforce brought some serious power when they played Gramercy Theater in New York City last night (Oct. 21) with opening act Powerglove.

It was new frontman Marc Hudson’s New York City and U.S. debut as he said, “I’m the new guy,” and thanked fans for accepting him into the “Dragonforce family.” It would be difficult not to accept him since his vocal range was out of this world. The chemistry of the band was incredible and it was evident that they were there to have fun.

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman shredded it up as expected. Dragonforce performed fan favorites such as ‘Heroes of Our Time’ and 'Through the Fire and the Flames,' as well as new tracks such as their ballad ‘Cry Thunder’ and their chaotically, fast-paced tune ‘Lost Forgotten World.’ The only disappointment of the night was that the band’s set was cut short due to technical difficulties.

Supporting band Powerglove came out swinging and brought out everyone’s inner warrior. The band took the stage with Viking like costumes and threw blow up swords and hammers (as well as candy) into the crowd. Powerglove are known for performing instrumentally, specifically various theme songs. The band performed decked out versions of the Power Rangers and Pokemon theme songs well as an incredible rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme titled ‘Mario Minor’ among many others.

Not to mention, a huge mosh pit broke out during the Pokemon theme song and during their set they even got a portion of the crowd to form a line and start doing eye-high kicks (Rockettes style). Powerglove just may be one of the most eccentrically entertaining and creative bands you will see in concert.