Back in 2003, the late great wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage released the rap album  Be a Man. It included a collaboration with DJ Kool called "Hit the Floor." Now, DJ Cummerbund has mashed up that song with Drowning Pool's "Bodies." Check it out above. The original version is below.

DJ Cummerbund's version is much more rock oriented. The pairing of the title "Hit the Floor" with the chorus "Let the bodies hit the floor" from "Bodies" makes for an interesting mashup. Savage was one of the greatest and most iconic pro wrestlers of all time, but as for his rap game, let's just say he's no Eminem.

DJ Cummerbund also includes Metallica's James Hetfield and a parrot in the description of the remix, but you're gonna have to listen very closely for those contributions.

It's apparent that DJ Cummerbund is a big fan of the Macho Man. He recently did a mashup of the hit single "Uptown Funk," inserting Savage and DJ Kool alongside Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

There was never a follow-up to Savage's Be a Man, probably because it only sold 3,000 copies. L.A. Weekly has an interesting article about the Macho Man's rap album that you can check out here.

Macho Man and DJ Kool, "Hit the Floor"

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