It seems like Pearl Jam never perform the same show twice. Deep cuts will be inserted into random set lists, special guests will play with the Seattle rockers, Eddie Vedder may go on an epic rant or you just might see the singer eject an audience member before being scooped up mid-song by Dennis Rodman.

Chicago PJ fans got a wild show Monday night (Aug. 22). After playing 19 songs, Pearl Jam performed another 17 cuts throughout two encores. During the first half of Pearl Jam’s Wrigley Field supershow, Chicago Bulls legend and recent North Korean basketball ambassador, Dennis Rodman, casually walked onstage during “Black, Red, Yellow.”

Eddie Vedder jumped up multiple times in an attempt to reach Rodman’s 6’7” height before Rodman took the mic, mumbling something before saying “Chicago” and “Where the f— are ya?!” Dennis then lifted Vedder up as if the Pearl Jam legend was his new bride before exiting stage left.

A little later in the set, Pearl Jam were cranking out “Lukin,” but Eddie Vedder ordered his bandmates to stop the song in erratic fashion. “Hey, mister, get your finger out of that woman’s face, motherf…. Hey, mister, all the fingers are pointing at you. Clear out, mister.” After ejecting the fan, Eddie checked up on the woman in question and finished “Lukin” for the massive crowd.

Check out the videos above and below. For Pearl Jam’s remaining tour dates, click here.

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