Egypt Central may be no more, but there will be one more offering from the group. The defunct band is issuing 'Murder in the French Quarter' on Aug. 19 via Fat Lady Music. The group's members were personally involved in finalizing the seven-song collection and they're ready to share it with their fans.

The disc includes two never-before-released songs, along with five demo versions of tracks from their two previous albums. Drummer Blake Allison produced the set, while bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser is the artist behind the disc's cover art.

"This is a collection of songs in their original versions, before they were dissected and operated on in the studio," says Allison. "These songs are carelessly raw and perfectly imperfect -- Egypt Central as we were in our truest form."

Walser, who along with Allison now makes his living in Devour the Day, adds, "This new release was so important to me because it was the completion of a novel -- the final chapter of musical history finding its natural place among the rest of the catalog. There is no real future without coming to a peace about the past, or at least that's what the fortune cookie said."

The group also posted an open letter on their website that reads:

We have seen your posts, we have read your messages and we are pleased to announce that we’ve gone through all our past sessions and our archives to bring you 'Murder in the French Quarter.' We didn’t want to hold anything back and wanted to give the greatest fans in the world all of the music we had created in one last release. Blake has gone through every guitar and drum track and produced this ensemble of songs that we hope you all enjoy.

As previously stated, the disc is due Aug. 19 and beginning on Aug. 12 the band will be counting down to the release by premiering a song a day on their YouTube page.

Egypt Central, 'Murder in the French Quarter'

1. Enemy Inside (Rock Mix)
2. Cliche'
3. Citizen Radio
4. Over and Under (demo)
5. Different (demo)
6. Wake Up In Flames (demo)
7. Change (demo)