There's a new 'Underworld' sequel heading for theaters at the end of January, and you know what that means: another installment in the franchise's bestselling soundtrack series.

This time around, Lakeshore Records has lined up 17 tracks of goth-tinged rock and metal, including repeat appearances from 'Underworld' soundtrack favorites Lacuna Coil, Black Light Burns, and Chester Bennington (who contributed a solo cut to the first album, and appears here with Linkin Park).

As with previous installments in the series, Danny Lohner -- a.k.a. Renholder -- contributed production work, including remixes of tracks by Evanescence, Linkin Park, the Cure and Ministry. Also appearing on several songs is ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, who collaborated with Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm and Ryan T. Hope of the Lifeline.

The 'Underworld: Awakening' soundtrack will arrive in stores on Jan. 17, three days before the movie makes it to theaters. Take a look at the complete track listing below:

'Underworld: Awakening' Soundtrack track listing

Evanescence - "Made of Stone" (Renholder Remix)
Lacey Sturm - "Heavy Prey" (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo)
Linkin Park - "Blackout" (Renholder Remix)
The Cure - "Apart" (Renholder Remix)
Stella Katsoudas of Sister Soleil - "Killer & A Queen" (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo)
Ministry - "Watch Yourself" (Renholder Remix)
Lacuna Coil - "Trip The Darkness" (Ben Weinman Remix)
The Naked and Famous - "Young Blood" (Renholder Remix)
Black Light Burns - "It Rapes All In Its Path“
William Control - "The Posthumous Letter“
Civil Twilights - "How'm I Supposed To Die“
& Sons - "Consolation Prize“
8MM - "Liar" (Revenant mix by 8mm)
Ryan T. Hope - "You Won't See The Light (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo)
Combichrist - "Bottle Of Pain“
Collide - "Intruder“
Justin Lassen - "Exit Wounds" (Justin Lassen Remix) (feat. Silent Fury)